cathode ray tube

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cath·ode ray tube (CRT),

an evacuated tube containing a beam of electrons that can be deflected to various parts of a fluorescent screen; used in the cathode ray oscilloscope.

cathode ray tube (CRT)

a vacuum tube that focuses a beam of electrons onto a spot on a screen coated with a phosphor, creating a visible image of information on the face of the tube. The CRT is one type of computer monitor.

cathode ray tube

See Video display unit.

cath·ode ray tube

(CRT) (kathōd rā tūb)
An evacuated tube containing a beam of electrons that can be deflected to various parts of a fluorescent screen; used in the cathode ray oscilloscope.
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Industrial LCD monitors have proven to be a much better overall monitor than a typical CRT monitor, as they have much better viewing angles and are brighter, while using much less energy to operate.
We have a very nice 17-inch flat screen CRT monitor designed for the office, and larger sizes up to a 42-inch plasma display that lets you watch your favorite DVD movies and surf the Internet," says Vizcaino.
With one of the smallest footprints available, the NEC MultiSync LCD1530V provides a viewing area comparable to that of a 17-inch CRT monitor, while the NEC MultiSync LCD1700M matches the viewing area of a 19-inch CRT monitor.
The comparison is made between a 14[inches] LCD and a 15[inches] CRT because the actual visible area of a CRT monitor is 0.
A standard CRT monitor is roughly 15 inches deep, which leaves a large footprint on your desktop; a 15-inch FPD is between 2 and 6 inches deep, thus drastically increasing your usable space.
Pro Monitors Deliver Superior Image Quality for Graphics and CAD/CAM Professionals Highlights: -- To enhance graphics and CAD/CAM environments, NEC-Mitsubishi Electronics Display introduced the new NEC MultiSync Flat Professional and Mitsubishi Diamond Pro CRT monitor lines with SuperBright(TM) Diamontron(R) flat aperture grille technology for brighter images -- Building on the success of the previous flat professional lines, the NEC MultiSync FP912 SB and FP2141 SB, and the Mitsubishi Diamond Pro 930 SB and DP2070 SB offer advanced capabilities including NEC-Mitsubishi Electronics Display's NaViSet(TM) monitor control software
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The CRT monitor market is dominated by the desktop computer monitor category, which will account for shipments of 94.
Our ClearVue processor accurately maps all incoming signals pixel-by-pixel to the display's native resolution, hence providing higher resolution than a Broadcast CRT monitor at a fraction of the price.
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The new monitors, designed to offer customers better display capabilities and enhanced functionality while maintaining a focus on affordability, include the S710 Standard 17-inch CRT monitor, S910 Standard 19-inch CRT monitor and the V1100 Corporate Value 21-inch CRT monitor.
With falling prices pushing the mass-market acceptance of flat panel monitors, we expect flat panel monitors to stall the CRT monitor market within 4 years and send it into negative growth in both units and revenue,'' said David E.