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CREB-1 alpha is recruited to and mediates upregulation of the cytochrome c promoter during enhanced mitochondrial biogenesis accompanying skeletal muscle differentiation.
We determined levels of I[kappa]B[alpha] and phosphorylated ATF-2, c-Jun, and CREB-1 in control and ROFA-treated rabbit lungs by SDS-PAGE.
We used 20 [micro]g of nuclear protein extracts for the analyses of phosphorylated ATF-2, c-Jun, and CREB-1.
Similar increases in DNA-protein binding were observed using an AP-1 response element, targeted by phospho-c-Jun-containing homo and heterodimers, and an oligonucleotide recognized by both ATF-2 and CREB-1 (Figure 3).
Rabbit BDNF, rabbit p-CREB-1, rabbit CREB-1, rabbit [3-actin and secondary antibodies were purchased from Santa Cruz Biotechnology (USA).