central processing unit

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central processing unit (cpu, CPU)

the component of a computer that controls the encoding and execution of instructions, consisting mainly of an arithmetic unit, which performs arithmetic functions, and an internal memory, which controls the sequencing of operations. Also called processor.

central processing unit (CPU),

n the primary processor of a computer, containing the internal memory unit (memory), arithmetic logic unit (ALU), and input/output control unit (I/O control).
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In the 2003-2004 period, CPU manufacturers saw performance improvements significantly below that forecast by Moore's Law, as the move from 130nm to 90nm proved more difficult than anticipated.
014 sec CPU utilization of central server: 99% Operating system central server: Solaris 8 RDBMS: Oracle 9i R/3 Release: 4.
Install the CPU and RAM from the old motherboard onto the new motherboard.
Servers able to auto-adjust to continuously changing CPU and memory needs will become as widely accepted as the current "cascading servers" methodology.
Today we can buy a server with one or more 3GHz CPUs, and a number of disk drives that still get about a 5ms access time.
Channel Adapters (CAs)--devices that terminate a link; execute transport-level functions to CPU nodes and I/O nodes.
After all, we revealed key details of this CPU in our April 1999 issue (available online at www.
The Commission found that, because of AMD's inroads into Intel's market share, Intel deliberately set out to artificially limit AMD by imposing conditions on five Japanese manufacturers that together represented 77% of all CPUs sold in Japan.
Figure 16 Taiwanese Server Shipments by Number of CPUs, 3Q 2002 - 3Q 2004
The VStationPRO emulator provides RTL or gate-level verification for designs up to 120 million gates and is widely used for the functional verification of complex system designs such as CPUs, image processors and multi-media/communications system-on-chips (SoCs).