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The FTC's administrative complaint charges that Intel carried out its anticompetitive campaign using threats and rewards aimed at the world's largest computer manufacturers, including Dell, Hewlett-Packard, and IBM, to coerce them not to buy rival computer CPU chips.
In addition, allegedly, Intel secretly redesigned key software, known as a compiler, in a way that deliberately stunted the performance of competitors' CPU chips.
INTC will love the decision, which gives it the lion's share of the market for CPU chips for most home and office users on the planet.
More than 90% of the world's CPU chips are manufactured on lines running OpenVMS, more than 50% of the world's cellular phone billing systems, and 75% of the world's financial exchanges also run the system.
Digital will offer inexpensive upgrades as new and more powerful CPU chips are introduced to meet customers' needs.
24 /PRNewswire/ -- Wang Laboratories (AMEX: WAN) today announced the availability of a new line of personal computers based on the Intel i486 family of CPU chips.
He has also chaired various technical conferences on operating systems and CPU chips, and has given more than 500 public talks on software engineering, RISC design, performance benchmarking and supercomputing.
The combination of high performance transistors, long history in building advanced CPU chips, strong manufacturing prowess, and time to market were some of our key deciding factors in selecting Fujitsu.
In 1978, he became employed in the electronics industry creating microprocessor emulators for all of the popular CPU chips.
Melcor Corporation is extremely excited to be working with Active Cool to address the emerging application of thermo-electric cooling to CPU chips," said Sal Giordano III, CEO of Melcor Corporation.