central processing unit

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central processing unit (cpu, CPU)

the component of a computer that controls the encoding and execution of instructions, consisting mainly of an arithmetic unit, which performs arithmetic functions, and an internal memory, which controls the sequencing of operations. Also called processor.

central processing unit (CPU),

n the primary processor of a computer, containing the internal memory unit (memory), arithmetic logic unit (ALU), and input/output control unit (I/O control).
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The 128-byte FIFO depth lengthens intervals between CPU accesses and shortens the time for each interrupt service; both features minimize CPU bandwidth requirements and increase system throughput.
Game developers would like to reserve all available MIPS of CPU bandwidth for increasing the richness and realism of the visual simulation.
4 Gigabyte/second aggregate CPU to I/O or CPU to CPU bandwidth in a highly efficient chip-to-chip technology that replaces existing complex multi-level buses.
This allows the 68332 to be used in many applications that are making increased demands on CPU bandwidth.
The VL local bus standard alleviates the problem by giving peripheral chips access to the full CPU bandwidth through the high-capacity VL bus.
Specifically, the additional CPU bandwidth allows implementation of functions, such as security software and system statistics gathering, to enable RC32355-based gateway systems with in-field software upgrades to quickly track new industry standards, interfaces and protocols.