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A total of 9% all Mycobacterium-positive cultures at CPHL in Muscat, Oman, yielded NTM.
Eight of 13 patients met the ATS diagnostic criteria; this finding probably reflects a selection bias because CPHL is a reference laboratory.
As part of the IPO, CPHL granted the Underwriters an option to purchase up to 3,450,000 Trust Units issued to CPHL for a period expiring 30 days following the date of closing of the IPO.
On August 29, 2002, the following interests were contributed by the Manager and CPHL to CLP in consideration for the Class B Subordinated Units: (i) a 0.
On January 20, 2003, the Fund and its principal unitholder, CPHL, approved the offering to the public of 17,034,234 Warranted Units, each Warranted Unit consisting of one Trust Unit to be sold by CPHL from its holding in the Fund, and one-half of one Trust Unit purchase warrant ("Purchase Warrant") to be issued by the Fund (the "Offering").
The Manager and CPHL hold Class B Subordinated Units representing a 30% interest in CLP.