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To be consistent with the later statistical model, the correlation between employment indicators and COH (log transformed) were calculated within each regulatory period, although similar results were found using different time scales, for example, correlations within 5-year increments.
Pearson correlation coefficients for COH (a) versus employment.
The regulatory periods of interest played a large and significant role in predicting COH levels.
The goal of the additional analyses was to explore the changing relationship between economic indicators and COH over time, as well as isolate the partial effect of the economic variables by estimating the relationship within (as opposed to across) regulatory periods.
Random effects estimation of COH by regulatory period.
Our results provide evidence of a significant relationship between employment characteristics and COH levels.
A strong association was also seen between regulatory policies and COH levels in New Jersey.
COH declined sharply in New Jersey over the study period--approximately 75% between 1971 and 2003.
The significant relationships observed for both measures of employment and COH levels provides some evidence to suggest that economic trends may be useful in historical exposure modeling and chronic dose estimation in epidemiologic studies.
Work is currently underway to replicate this model with a second extensive COH data set from the state of California.
Her father, Ben Reyes, coaches COH Special Olympics softball teams, consisting of staff and program members.