Carbon Tax

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A proposed tax that would be levied against high consumers of heating oil, gasoline, electricity, etc., in an effort to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases
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She also promised support for industries on Teesside worried about strict CO2 regulations in the UK creating an unfair trading advantage for companies operating in more lenient countries - an effect know as carbon leakage.
The company warned that it will have to shut the Illinois plants ahead of tougher federal CO2 regulations without that mandate.
It will support our compliance with upcoming CO2 regulations, says Paul Kitti, the Executive Director of MBLP.
Contract award: Service contract for assessment of the modalities for light-duty vehicle CO2 regulations beyond 2020.
Continental and SK Innovation anticipate that, as CO2 regulations become more stringent worldwide, electrically assisted drives and pure electric vehicles will become increasingly important in the market.