carbon dioxide laser

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carbon dioxide laser

Abbreviation: CO2 laser
A gas-produced colorless laser with a wavelength of 10,600 nm (infrared), used in dermatological surgeries to remove scars, wrinkles, and solar skin damage. Carbon dioxide lasers can also be used as a scalpel in stereotactic neurosurgeries and gynecological surgeries.

Patient care

Laser precautions must be observed. The staff support the patient by answering questions and explaining the need for eye covering during the procedure. The procedure is documented in a laser log.

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a device which generates an extremely intense, small and nearly nondivergent beam of monochromatic radiation in the visible region, with all the waves in phase; capable of mobilizing immense heat and power when focused at close range, it is used as a tool in surgery, in diagnosis, and in physiological studies. Laser is an acronym for light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation.
Used also as a modern version of acupuncture and considered to be the biggest breakthrough in that technology for 5000 years. It provides a quick, painless and noninvasive method of point stimulation.

argon laser
used in ophthalmic surgery and in photodynamic surgery of the skin.
carbon dioxide laser
used in microsurgery and ophthalmic procedures.
low-energy laser therapy
used for wound healing and pain relief; includes visible red helium-neon lasers, invisible infrared gallium-arsenide lasers and gallium-aluminum-arsenid lasers.
laser therapy
in acupuncture the application of low intensity laser to acupuncture points.
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The new Videojet 3640 CO2 laser solution offers enhanced speeds in data processing and communication, helping customers to code and produce more products on the production line faster.
Technavio's report, Global CO2 Laser Market 2015-2019, has been prepared based on an in-depth market analysis with inputs from industry experts.
CARBONDIOXIDE LASER: CO2 LASER is invisible laser with wavelength of 10600 nm.
Conclusion: six watts CO2 laser wound was much better as compared to scalpel in terms of lesser fibroblastic activity and collagen thickness hence having a good wound healing response.
Because water content in the surface of most oral tissues is high, use of the CO2 laser may be indicated in most soft tissue surgery cases.
The UltraPulse Fractional CO2 Laser represents the latest innovation in laser resurfacing.
This is a relatively easy task as CO2 lasers produce nicely engraved marks on most plastics, however, because the customer uses a swatch of green ink to mark the cathode (negative side) of each LED case, highly contrasting text marks were obtained that are readable by the naked eye.
Once exposed to a low-power CO2 laser, the DataLase inks chemically react, turning from white to black.
The OmniGuide fiber, a revolutionary hollow-core photonic bandgap fiber used for minimally invasive CO2 laser surgery and developed by OmniGuide, Inc.
The PACKMARK[TM] uses a laser reactive coating, which undergoes a color change reaction when imaged with a CO2 laser.
These include laser skin resurfacing with the CO2 laser, non-ablative skin resurfacing, skin tightening with radiofrequency, laser hair removal, laser blepharoplasty, laser treatment in ethnic skin, and complications in laser and light surgery.
In laser-drilled extended release tablets a CO2 laser drills a small metering hole in the outer coating of the tablet (Fig.