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Abbreviation for:
clathrin-mediated endocytosis
continuing medical education (continuing professional development—CPD—UK)
Council on Medical Education
cystoid macular edema


Continuing medical education Graduate education Education for health professionals that follows completion of formal post-medical school specialty training–eg, residency, fellowships Formats Lectures, seminars, refresher courses, workshops, audio- and video-tapes Sponsors Medical schools, professional organizations, hospitals. See Graduate medical education, On-line CME. See Sponsored symposia. Cf Libby Zion.


(e?ju-ka'shon) [L. educatio, bringing up, training]
Imparting, receiving, or acquiring knowledge.

clinical education

Health care education conducted in health care facilities, outpatient clinics, emergency centers, hospitals, or private offices, under the supervision of a qualified practitioner or teaching staff.

continuing education

Abbreviation: CE
Postgraduate education in the health professions. Its purpose is to enhance or expand a person's knowledge or skills through coursework; home study; live, audio, or video conferences; electronic media; or clinical practice. Postgraduate courses may be required for continued certification or licensure requirements in a practice such as medicine, nursing, physical therapy, respiratory therapy, and social work. The time spent in CE by health care professionals is usually recorded in hours, each one of which reflects one continuing education unit.
Synonym: continuing medical education

continuing medical education

Abbreviation: CME
Continuing education.

cross education

Contralateral facilitation or changes resulting from exercise.

cyber education

Distance education carried out over the Internet.

distance education

A formalized teaching system to disseminate knowledge between teachers and students who are separated in space (location), time, or both.
Synonym: distance learning

e-nursing education

Nursing education aided or wholly provided via online resources, texts, clips, and discussion groups, among other Web-based technologies.

health education

An educational program directed to the general public rather than health educators or professionals.

patient education

Health information and instruction to help patients learn about specific or general medical topics. Topics include the need for preventive services, the adoption of healthy lifestyles, the correct use of medications, and the care of diseases or injuries at home.
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Geoffrey Levitt, Vice President at Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, will speak about strategies for navigating a CME environment of uncertainty for accreditors, providers, hospitals, and academic institutions.
Med Ed Congress 2005 will offer a unique learning opportunity to understand and evaluate the current environment for CME, and will present real-world strategies for implementing medical education support and delivery programs.
This program differs from current online CME programs provided by other medical institutions in two ways.
The event also provides attendees the ability to tailor the program agenda based on their current needs through 50+ sessions, 70+ speakers, 30+ pharmaceutical case studies and 3 specific topic tracks: Regulatory and Professional Compliance, CME Value and Effectiveness, and CME Collaborations.
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Though CME Group maintains sophisticated systems, teams and processes to prevent such incidents, and promptly took significant actions to address the incident, CME Group has learned that certain customer information relating to the CME ClearPort platform was compromised.
Many doctors are required to obtain a certain number of CME credits to maintain their licenses.
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