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According to the company, DSIa[euro](tm)s workforce will use the CK3 for client data collection and inventory management, including in-store magazine implementation and ongoing merchandising efforts in over 7,000 weekly locations across the USA.
Para Sosa, la adaptacion a estas tecnologias por parte del mercado sera en un rango de 18 y 36 meses, donde el cliente ya no tendra que invertir en mas equipo, pues el CK3 ya incluye las nuevas tendencias.
El CK3 estara en el mercado con ScanSource y esta disenando promociones atractivas para el canal a partir de enero de 2009.
We have been incredibly happy in our trials with the Intermec CK3 Next Generation Series and are confident it will offer us a fast, reliable, superior solution as well as a seamless migration from our existing CK3 handheld mobile computers.
The CK3 Next Generation Series is a workhorse that provides users of our Stay-Linked Terminal Emulation solution with a robust platform for remote access to their host-based enterprise applications," said David Griffith, President and CEO of Stay-Linked Corporation.
The CK3 offers much more flexibility for our current and future clients, as we look to expand our scanning capabilities and the ability to service new customers," said Sally DeIanni, IT Manager for DSI.
The CK3 continues to be a best-in-class option to support customer needs for increased productivity, flexibility and exceptional field performance," said Pat Byrne President & CEO of Intermec.
During the day, Odom uses the CK3 in tandem with the Retalix Power Warehouse WMS to replenish and check inventory.
At night, Odom uses Vocollect Voice([R])software running on the CK3 with Vocollect headsets to load trucks.
We selected the Intermec CK3 because of its broad feature set, and overall weight and ergonomics, enabling our Dealers to streamline operations by utilizing highly adaptable data and image capture capabilities, along with secure wireless communications, in a highly durable handheld package.
The CK3 delivers secure wireless communications in a highly durable hand-held package, and allows for both 1D and 2D barcode scanning, voice communication support, and options for RFID and mobile printing.
The CK3 begins shipping in late October, and is the second Intermec rugged mobile computer to operate on Windows Mobile 6.