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, pl.


(sir'rŭs, -rī),
A structure formed from a cluster or tuft of fused cilia, constituting one of the sensory or locomotor organs of certain ciliate protozoa.
[L. a curl]


n. pl. cirri (sîr′ī′)
a. A tendril.
b. A slender flexible appendage, such as a tuft of fused cilia of certain protozoans or one of the feathery appendages of a barnacle.


coarse hairs, longer than those in the normal coat and less coarse than tactile hairs.

cirrus capitis
hairs of the forelock.
cirrus caudae
hairs of the tail.
cirrus metacarpeus
frontlimb feather.
cirrus metatarseus
hindlimb feather.
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