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The present study was carried out to evaluate the association between 1-year average exposures to air pollution and CIMT in adults living in the Taipei metropolis of Taiwan.
Echocardiographic measurements with a linear-array imaging probe (GE-vingmed Vivid 7, GE Vingmend Ultrasound AS, Horten, Norway) were employed to evaluate the CIMT of the right common carotid artery.
Articles were then chosen to be evaluated if the information provided within these articles occurred within the past decade and if the information analyzed the effects, either positive or negative, of CIMT as well as the overall outcome of the patients.
Since quantification of CIMT and carotid plaque formation provide different information of the atherosclerotic status and burden in the carotid artery, a thorough scan of all carotid arteries, including plaque assessment, may increase sensitivity for identifying subclinical vascular disease.
Each of the six organizations took the CIMT and parsed the information out to their subordinate units for validation.
Some studies have focused on the relationship between childhood BMI and BP and CIMT as risk factors for CVD.
In contrast, the children of 16 women who did not smoke in pregnancy but did smoke currently had no differences in CIMT, compared with children of nonsmoking mothers.
Moreover, an association between CIMT and several single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) of CRP, including 1059G/C, has been evaluated by only one group of investigators and no relationship has been observed (10).
Since the 1990s, CIMT has been examined in several small trials and in the large multisite EXCITE trial (Wolf et al 2006).
In April, as it has in the past, AMT hosted the AMT/USA Pavilion at CIMT '07.