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Casualties, Hazards, Access, Location, Emergency, Type. One of several mnemonics (e.g., METHANE), which is used in the context of a major incident (mass disaster) in the UK for the information that the first ambulance staff to arrive on the scene should relay to the Emergency Operations Centre.

Casualties—approximate numbers of priority 1, 2 and 3 patients, dead and uninjured.

Hazards present and potential.

Access routes and suitable provisional rendezvous points (RVPs).

Location of the incident, with map references if possible.

Emergency services present and required, including local authorities; consider medical team(s), special equipment and services (i.e., HEMS, Emergency Planning Manager, BASICS, ECV, ESV); request number of LAS resources required.
Type of incident, with brief details of types and numbers of vehicles, trains, buildings, aircraft, etc.
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