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A gene on chromosome 6p12 that encodes a member of the AP-2 family of transcription factors, which activate the transcription of genes involved in proper eye, face, body wall, limb and neural tube development. TFAP2B inhibits C/EBP alpha, MCAM/MUC18 and MYC; it appears to be required for normal face and limb development, and for proper terminal differentiation and function of renal tubular epithelia.

Molecular pathology
TFAP2B mutations cause autosomal dominant Char syndrome.


arctic and subarctic species of the fish genus salvelinus.
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CHA Partners with Marketplace Events to Bring CHA Craft SuperShow Section to the Deseret News Fall Home Show in Sandy, Utah
Eric Holder, a veteran patrol officer assigned to the public housing unit for more than a month, said an officer standing alone in a lobby at a CHA high-rise would be "vulnerable.
He also said he did not know Henley had been arrested by a different set of CHA officers later that year for similar offenses.
If the CHA takes seriously its commitment to embracing a wider community of actors, then all of those actors should know what the assessment and evaluation is," said Sudhir Venkatesh, a Columbia University sociologist who for 13 years has written about the lives of families from the Robert Taylor Homes on the South Side.
This year CHA introduced two new awards to recognize excellence in craft project design and innovation in craft retail.
She said the CHA was readying "slightly rehabbed apartments" for them at other developments.
The CHA Special Recognition Award is presented to an individual or group for an extraordinary contribution in an activity that showcases the craft and hobby industry in a positive way.
5 billion Plan for Transformation, approved in February 2000, gives residents a choice: They can leave public housing for good, using federal housing vouchers to help pay rent in private market apartments, or they can take vouchers to move out temporarily while CHA properties are redeveloped into mixedincome communities, then return.
CHA Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center was acquired by CHA Health Systems in 2005.
The CHA 2011 Winter Conference will feature educational sessions customized for member types, hands-on craft technique training, a variety of networking opportunities, and provide attendees with unlimited access to all seminars, workshops, and special events for only $25 (an approximate $250 value).
For more information on job opportunities at CHA Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center please call 323.
Ramen Chmait, MD, assistant professor of OB-GYN at USC and Director of Fetal Therapy and Minimally Invasive Fetal Surgery at CHA Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center, performs operative fetoscopy and other innovative fetal surgical procedures.