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In addition, Health Canada announced proposals to amend Schedule III to the CDSA to expand the scope of the scheduling entry for methylphenidate and its salts to include its isomers, derivatives and analogues, as well as salts of the derivatives, isomers and analogues.
16) Writing for the majority, Justice Rowles found that the application of the CDSA to Insite was overbroad and had a grossly disproportionate effect on the claimants.
Under the principles of fundamental justice, the Court found that the availability of a ministerial exemption under the CDSA prevented the law itself from being arbitrary, grossly disproportionate or overbroad in light of its purposes--the protection of public health and the maintenance of public safety.
28) The groups also argued that sections 4(1) and 5(1) of the CDSA should be struck down as a breach of section 7 of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms because they deprive a person addicted to a controlled substance access to health care at Insite.
Latterly, I began musing as to which word(s) would beat CALM in the antonym stakes in CDSA, but I was too tense to pursue this line of inquiry.
12) Expresion de una de las coordinadoras en uno de los planteles observados, CDSA.
The CDSA, by denying him that right, I find, infringes upon his right to security of the person.
CURRIER, CPCM, Fellow, is a business development manager at NAVSEA Dam Neck, CDSA located in Virginia Beach, Virginia.
54) The CDSA framework, initiated by Intel and developed in an open standards process, contemplates that independent software and hardware vendors will provide "add-in modules" that perform specific security functions for applications.
Intel is making the CDSA software available as "open source" code, which can be modified and used by developers with virtually any operating system to add security features to e-Business and other software applications.
By offering CDSA software as open source Intel will allow developers to modify the software and to use it in virtually any operating system to add security features to software products.