Abbreviation for cytidine diphosphocholine.
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35,36) A study in rats found that CDP-choline was associated with increased levels of acetylcholine in the hippocampus and neocortex, which may help reduce neurobehavioral deficits.
A study of 14 adults with mild to moderate closed head injury (38) found that patients who received CDP-choline showed a greater reduction in post-concussion symptoms and improvement in recognition memory than controls who received placebo.
Specific nutraceuticals including CDP-choline, lithium, fish oil, D3, B12, and whatever else is needed according to testing are prescribed.
Washington, May 28 (ANI): The dietary supplement CDP-choline, that acts as a brain-boosting agent and under study for stroke and traumatic brain injury, may prevent skull and brain damage resulting from alcohol consumption early in pregnancy, according to a new research.
They found that CDP-choline pushes back toward producing less ceramide, preventing damage providing the drinking stops.
Other phospholipids involved in choline biosynthetic pathways such as CDP-choline, choline alphoscerate and phosphatidylserine clearly enhanced ACh availability or release and provided a modest improvement of cognitive dysfunction in AD, these effects being more pronounced with choline alphoscerate.
In vivo study was carried out to ascertain whether treatment with quercetin and CDP-choline intercalated in mannosylated liposomes exert any neuroprotective effect against cerebral ischemia-reperfusion evoked oxidative damage in young or aged rat brain)
Quercetin and CDP-Choline treatment prevented the increase both in young and aged animals)
Calatayud Maldonado V, Calatayud Perez JB, Aso Escario J: Effects of CDP-choline on the recovery of patients with head injury.
Citicoline is the generic name for CDP-choline (choline cytidine 5'-pyrophosphate), an organic molecule produced endogenously and found in all living cells.
In particular, exciting research suggests that the growth hormone-blocker somatostatin can itself be inhibited with a nutrient called CDP-choline, thus slowing the rate at which growth hormone declines.
Citicoline, also called CDP-choline, is an essential intermediate in the synthesis of the structural phospholipids of cell membranes and has been studied extensively for its neuroprotective effects following head trauma.