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Effects of safflower extract and aceglutamide injection on expressions of CD62P and CRP in patients with coronary heart disease of blood stasis type.
Moreover, they demonstrated that [epsilon]-PLL did not significantly affect the quality of the PCs except for increased CD62P expression.
CD62p, also known as P-selectin or granule membrane protein 140 (GMP 140), is a glycoprotein of 140 kDa present in alpha (a)-granules of resting platelets and is translocated to the plasma membrane after activation.
Other mechanisms described in the literature include increased activation of Glycoprotein IIb/IIIa, CD41a, CD42b, CD62P and CD6 (3,2,6) prothrombin fragment F1+ 2, thrombin-antithrombin III complex and fibrinopeptide A.
P-Selectin, also known as CD62P, granule membrane protein (GMP) 140 or platelet activationdependent granule-external membrane(PADGEM) is a glycoprotein of 140 kDa.
Platelet activation was assessed by measuring changes in platelet surface expression of CD40L and CD62P and changes in the number of platelet-leukocyte conjugates relative to the baseline values of each exposure.
Fifty-four people diagnosed with CFS or fibromyalgia and 23 controls were given five tests to evaluate their blood: fibrinogen (FIB), prothrombin fragment 1 + 2 (F1 + 2), thrombin/antithrombin complexes (T/AT), soluble fibrin monomer (SFM), and platelet activation by flow cytometry (PA) using CD62P and ADP.
The CD62P (P-selectin)-FITC antibody (BD, USA) was added and incubated at room temperature for 20 min before resuspension with 1 ml of phosphate-buffered saline (PBS) and tested by flow cytometer.
Activation of platelets with ADP resulted in an increase in the number of CD63 and CD62p positive platelets with a p value of 0.
Effect of glycoprotein Ilb/Illa inhibitors on CD62p expression, platelet aggregates, and microparticles in vitro.
FITC anti-human CD62P was purchased from BD Biosciences Pharmingen, and peroxidase-conjugated goat anti-mouse IgG was purchased from Chemicon.