compact disc

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compact disc/read only memory

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Changing the playback tempo of a CD recording is especially useful if you want to practice at slow tempos with an accompaniment CD.
Roxio's Easy CD Creator 5 basic version to be bundled with Philips CD recorder offers consumers a variety of CD recording options, including the ability to burn MP3s to CD and Direct CD, the application that allows users to drag and drop files onto CD just like a floppy drive.
The intuitive interface and powerful CD recording capabilities that Roxio's CD recording software offers, made it an easy decision to bundle Easy CD Creator 5 Basic with our CD/DVD recorders," states Pierre van Lamsweerde, marketing and sales manager in Europe with Philips.
Roxio offers consumers a variety of CD recording options, including the ability to burn MP3's to CD and backup valuable data to CD with the simple drag and drop feature of DirectCD.
Roxio is the leading supplier of powerful, yet user-friendly CD recording software," said Tom Shea, Chief Operating Officer at Roxio.
This agreement delivers the best CD recording capabilities to all Internet consumers in a seamless, intuitive way," said Tom Shea, vice president and general manager of Adaptec's Software Products Group.
With a range of host I/O, RAID, and CD recording software products, Adaptec is a market leader in storage solutions, and a powerful enabler of today's information age.
With its elegant API (application programmer's interface) and flexible architecture, AuthorScript CE 6 allows CE developers to quickly integrate DVD and CD recording and playback features in their devices and accelerate the speed at which their products come to market.
Attendees at PC Expo'99 will get a first time peek at the system that will bring about change in the CD Recording Industry.
The unit's CD mastering capabilities utilizes easy to use proprietary software to command CD recording through a Local Area Network setup.