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compact disc/read only memory

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DVD Players capable of only CD Audio (besides DVD Movie), must play CD Audio on CD-R and CD-RW disc.
DVD Players capable of CD Audio and VideoCD must play CD Audio and VideoCD on CD-R and CD-RW discs.
Both the CD audio book rental program and DVD rental program will include prepaid return address packaging so truckers can easily return the rentals from anywhere in the U.
DVDs will have a pricing structure similar to the CD audio book rental pricing structure.
We are currently modifying our fulfillment infrastructure in order to launch the CD audio book rental program," said Lovato.
The Company's CD audio book rental program would be structured so truckers can rent four titles for $21.
The advantage of our CD audio book rental program is that it gives our existing customer base as well as new customers the opportunity to catch up on previously released books in a series," said Lovato.
Our expansion -- which begins immediately -- will allow the joint venture to produce 50 million units of CD audio and CD-ROM discs annually," says Hidetaka Iijima, president of Sanyo-Verbatim.
This first quarter release, as well as including an CD audio version to the release schedule, should allow us to increase overall sales projections.
People can use it at home with a regular CD player or with multimedia computers with CD audio playback.
5, the latest version of the world's leading engine for the creation and burning of DVD, Video CD and CD Audio discs on PCs and CE devices.
DVDPlus(TM) delivers DVD video, DVD audio, CD audio, and interactive CD-ROM/Internet applications and content, all on one disc.