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All patients were examined using a second-generation dual-source CCTA scanner (Somatom Definition Flash, Siemens Medical Solutions, Forchheim, Germany).
Infusion of saline (in the second lumen) following the contrast injection assists in the low dose CCTA initiative by improving contrast volume utilization, prolonging the peak of injection, and reducing perivenous streak artifacts.
All identified chest pain diagnoses after initial CCTA were manually adjudicated by per patient chart review.
As mentioned above, the segmentation quality of CCTA is sensitive to the parameter k.
Considered in concert with the wealth of data regarding the high anatomic accuracy for CCTA, these results are convincing for CCTA to effectively diagnose CAD and convey risk strata for future adverse cardiovascular events," the investigators said (J.
In the Archives study, a 10-fold difference in the amount of radiation delivered during CCTA was seen, even when the tests were performed on identical machines in different hospitals.
They said that the importance of radiation-reduction techniques must be emphasized during physician and technologist training, and physicians should demonstrate technical mastery of these methods before certification to oversee CCTA scanning, they said.
For noninvasive CCTA, per-patient sensitivity was 93% and specificity was 82% for blockages greater than 50%; sensitivity was 91% and specificity was 84% for blockages greater than 70%, Dr.
Methods: A total of 5320 patients suspected with SCAD were enrolled and scheduled for CCTA from March 2013 to September 2014.