critical care medicine

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critical care medicine

Abbreviation: CCM
The care of the sickest patients (those with acutely life-threatening illnesses such as major trauma, myocardial infarction, respiratory failure, sepsis, severe hemorrhage, or shock).
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critical care

patient care pertaining to a crisis in a disease.

critical care medicine
emergency care for victims of trauma or disease.
critical care unit
a unit in a hospital in which special patient care staff and units, including ECG, blood gas analysis apparatus, resuscitation and life support equipment are available and used.
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Remember, however, that the CCM program focuses on skills typically not taught in graduate school, such as working with clients who may not possess much meteorological background and producing reports, recommendations, or court testimony for them.
The time curve assay, in order to study the synergistic effects of CCM + antibiotic on bacterial growth by the five times (0, 4, 8, 16, and 24h), was performed as described by Chang et al.
Another CCM project is based in the Rocky Mountains, and studies interspecies disease transmission.
This transformation affords world-class managed network services companies like Unisys significant opportunities to expand their business by leveraging proven expertise and new technologies like ON Command CCM.
From our use and analysis of CCM scores, we have developed credit lines and approval authorities.
Download more metrics from the complimentary HINtelligence report, "Chronic Care Management in 2017: Telephonic Outreach Prevails Amidst Spike in CCM Activity, Reimbursement:"
Michaele Byers, Recertified, CCM; John Ford III, Recertified, CCE; Lee Gray, CCO; Jeremy Lawson, CCO; Brandie Mayfield, CCM; Cory Mullins, CCO; Jeremy Poteet, CCO; Timothy Purcell, Recertified, CCE; Daniel Rowell, CCO; Keith Ruefenacht, CCO; Rodney Terrell, CCS; Marsha Travis, Recertified, CCM
Implementing a cutting edge CCM system has been a challenge for SMEs due to significant capital investments in licensing, hardware and expert resources, this makes large enterprises way ahead of SMEs, we are here to bridge the gap," says Amit Sawhney, President at FCI CCM, Inc.
Identify challenges related to Civil Society (CS), KP/PLWDs representation and engagement with the CCM and other Global Fund related decision-making processes.
Montreal, PQ-based CCM is working with Carlsbad, CA-based TaylorMade to establish CCM as the leader in hockey product innovation.
Ensure members of the CCM gain a better understanding of their roles and responsibilities with respect to the CCM Governance.