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Congenital cystic adenomatoid malformation (CCAM)

A condition in which one or more lobes of the fetal lungs develop into fluid-filled sacs called cysts.
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To show your support for these families during CCAM you can get a gold ribbon by donating on our website.
Coordinating Council on Access and Mobility: CCAM overview.
Although most of the existing empirical studies on newcomers' adaptation processes are situated in this CCAM theoretical framework, mixed findings surface.
Based on affiliation level CCAM member companies may collaborate on generic research and conduct proprietary research to innovate manufacturing practices, resulting in new techniques and processes.
3] Histologically, CCAM are benign hamartomatous or dysplastic lung tumor, showing adenomatous overgrowth of terminal bronchioles with reduction in alveoli.
Siemens has already invested more than $1 billion providingsoftware to several Virginia academic insti tutions including CCAM, SVHEC, Virginia State University, VirginiaPolytechnic Institute, and the Lee County Career and Technology Center.
Hydrops fetalis due to type 1 CCAM was found on ultrasonography.
Bacteriologist, bookkeeper, electrical contractor, maintenance technician, general manager of a construction and plumbing company, operator of an outdoor nursery and landscaping company, owner of a pool supply and maintenance firm, real estate broker and property manager--those are just some of the positions held by Lee Harvey, CCAM, CAMT, CAPS, PCAM, who has been a key member of San Diego's apartment industry for more than 30 years.
We received so many prestigious grants that CCAM now hosts 23 researchers, all focusing on youth and the media.
He joins CCAM from RCM, a subsidiary of Allianz Global Investors, where he held a number of leadership positions over 15 years.
This helped us bag the 'Best Outbound Contact Centre' award at the recently concluded CCAM Awards 2011.
There are several postnatal CCAM classifications based on pathology; (3,4) however, in our practice, prenatal CCAMs are practically classified as containing virtually imperceptible cysts, microcystic CCAM (Figure 5A) or those containing larger cysts, macrocystic CCAM (Figures 5B and 5C).