CA 27-29

CA 27-29 (Breast carcinoma-associated antigen)

A tumor marker associated with breast cancer.
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It seems to me that a simple blood test like the CA 15-3 or CA 27-29 would be a much better screening option for the women affected.
Serum tumor markers such as CA 15-3, carcinoembyonic antigen (CEA), and CA 27-29 are ordered in the clinic mainly for disease surveillance, and not useful for detection of localized cancer.
The applications of CA 15-3, CA 19-9, CA 27-29, CEA, the estrogen receptors, and HER2/neu are the focus of our continuing discussion of tumor markers and how assays have been used clinically to aid practicing physicians.
The CA 15-3, CA 27-29, and CEA serum markers, together with HER2/neu, are often used as markers for breast cancer.