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The ongoing pediatric study is an open label Phase II clinical trial assessing safety, immunogenicity and efficacy in children 2-13 years of age with C1INH deficiency.
This clinical research will further enhance physicians' trust in recombinant human C1INH therapies.
To test the performance of this protocol, we selected PCR products of various lengths (157-528 bp) from: exons 13 and 12 of the LDL receptor gene (LDLR), exon 11 of the putative oncogene BRCA1, exon 8 of C1INH, and exons 10, 11, and 13A of the CFTR gene (Table 1).
said, "The publication of the results from these randomized controlled trials is an important step in educating the medical community about recombinant human C1INH for HAE patients with acute angioedema.