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Government through the Mkhambathini Local Municipality will ensure that the farmer adheres to the municipal by-laws or face the might of the law, Williams said.
As amended, the by-laws will enable eligible Level 3 stockholders to have their own director nominees included in the company's proxy materials, along with candidates nominated by the board of directors.
So where are the enforcers of the council's by-laws when this practice continues to occur?
The Advance Notice Provisions are comparable to the advance notice by-laws or policies adopted by many other public companies and consistent with the recommendations on such by-laws and policies made by various shareholders' interest groups.
Youssef said that the by-laws will be prepared for the new mineral wealth law after the cabinet approves the draft.
The new by-laws don't strip councils of any power and have been suggested to just organise their work.
Hazel Clemmit, recreation officer for Yorkshire Water, said the by-laws would act as a deterrent to the people that use the area in an anti-social way while helping prosecute those who repeatedly infringe them.
official and Chouf MP George Adwan said the adoption of the by-laws
The proceedings refer to the ownership position that Grupo Mexico announced it holds in GAP, which is more than the 10% permitted under GAP's Corporate By-Laws.
Many of the by-laws date from the former district councils in place before the Metropolitan Borough of Wirral was created.
However, shisha cafes, though governed by stringent regulations and allowed to operate only if away from residential areas, will not be covered under the executive by-laws.
A CRACKDOWN on anti-social quad bikes are being lined up as part of a host of new by-laws in Merseyside.