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In January 2010, Mohamed Tawfik Al-Sawafey, 43, died in Gharbeya when clashes erupted in a queue outside a butane gas cylinder warehouse.
However, at the peak of the crisis, butane gas cylinders are sold off trucks.
Blood-curdling incident was carried out by a group of terrorist sympathizers who ignite the 12 kg butane gas tube and a little tube with Molotov cocktail to blow up the surveillance camera in the Bulak Neighborhood on the Zubeyde Hanym Street of Hakkari.
His inquest in Llangefni heard that canisters of butane gas were found next to his bed, where he was discovered by his sister.
TRAGIC: Toni Allison, right, who died after sniffing butane gas which she bought from a shop in Middlesbrough, and our previous story after the tragedy, below
A bomb - made from butane gas, ammonium nitrate and metal pipes and left in a travel bag at Bonn's central station - failed to explode, likely because its trigger was a light bulb, the reports said.
Summary: SINCE taking office, the Qandil government seems to have been busy tackling the chronic fuel problem, especially the disturbing shortage of the butane gas cylinders, whose price has reached as much as ten times the original price even in the poorest regions of the country.
The sources said the ministry's regulatory bodies have been conducting intensive inspections of oil stations and butane gas storehouses, during which they seized half a million liters of petroleum products that had been on the way to the black market.
is conducting a study into addiction by questioning 15 people who have admitted to regularly using Spice and butane gas from lighters.
The data showed that the urban consumer price index increased due to rising prices of commodities, such as those of butane gas cylinders, which rose at an annual rate of 38 percent.
Next day, I bought a tin of butane gas to fill my cigarette lighter and it said on the label "fills every lighter in the world".
Knives, scissors, class A drugs, butane gas and alcohol were also taken from patients.