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proprietary name

A commercial name granted by a naming authority for use in marketing a drug/device product in a particular jurisdiction.

trade name

The trademark name or commercial trade name for a material or product

trade name,

n 1. the name under which a company conducts its business.
2. the commercial name of a company's product.
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As part of the new service, SunDoc Filings will perform a free preliminary name search to confirm that the fictitious business name is not already registered to another company or person.
Registration of your business name registers it nationally.
However, enteries can only be made in either the Best Business Names Award or the online business award, not both.
He contended that because his business name is always accompanied by his own name and the designation EA (enrolled agent), he appropriately notified the public that he is not a licensed CPA.
Until now, these business name holders had to complete a paper transaction.
You'll also be able to accept payments made to your business name which looks more professional.
The overall winner will receive a cheque for pounds 1,000 and the title of Yellow Pages Best Business Name 2003.
The overall winner will receive a cheque for pounds 1,000 and the accolade of Best Business Name 2003.
A florist's shop has been honoured with the title of the North- East's Best Business Name.
Please provide your name, your firm or business name and address, your phone number, and the names of the schools you would like to contact.
You want to search for a business name before you print up business cards and stationery, before talking to people about your business name.
Businesses have lodged tens of thousands of applications with the new National Business Names Registration system, paying up to 90 per cent less to register their business name to operate nationwide, said Parliamentary Secretary to the Treasurer, the Hon Bernie Ripoll MP.

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