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Scania is working actively to promote sustainable, flexible and cost-effective public transport in the form of BRT systems and other intelligent bus transport systems.
But many experts are of the opinion that talks about improving the bus transport are not realistic for a city like Delhi with an ever- increasing population and rising number of vehicles.
is a holding company for North America's largest providers of school and inter-city bus transport services and a leading supplier of public transit services.
Contract notice: Tendering of bus transport services in the bundles 3 and 9.
It said the BRT is mainly meant for bus transport and the CRRI report has ignored the rights of common commuters.
GEMS, which operates 26 schools across the country that cater to the American, Indian, International Baccalaureate and the National Curriculum of England, has decided to outsource transport in its schools to an external provider, Bright Bus Transport.
The Conwy Council provides bus transport information by way of maps and timetables at bus stops, visitors and occasional users of public transport to and from Llandudno, should have been informed and provided with the necessary information to enable them to get home.
Schoolchildren get free bus transport to school if they are at their nearest appropriate school and it is more than two miles from home for under-eights and three miles for eights and over.
The judicial review challenge, brought by the parents of Matthew Eifion Jones, 13, Byron Rees, 11, and Aled James, 13, hinges on the council's decision last August to cease funding bus transport to Ysgol Preseli, a secondary school over the county border in Pembrokeshire.
Around $13 million is being invested by Go Bus Transport for upgrading parts of its urban passenger fleet in Christchurch, Dunedin and Hawke s Bay.
the free public bus transport introduced in Abu Dhabi has lessened the number of taxi passengers by a good 60 per cent.
The uniform is a far cry from that worn 85 years ago, when bus transport was in its infancy.