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Henry, English physician, 1799-1849. See: Burton line.
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I remember turning on the news and the BBC bulletin led by slowly unveiling the face of Richard Burton, dead at 58 from a cerebral haemorrhage.
That BBC news clip showed photographs of Burton, accompanied by that magnificently melodic, thunderous voice which sounded as if it had been blasted out of a coal-mine, reading from Shakespeare.
The steamy excerpts from Burton's love letters recreate for the reader the intense curiosity the public felt about the Burtons as a result of Le Scandale.
Between 1962-1966, the seven films the Burtons starred in made over $200 million.
Two of them, Don Burton, who volunteers as vice chair of the Central North Carolina board of trustees, and his wife Irene Burton, drew on their thirty years of living with MS.
Dane Kennedy The Highly Civilized Man: Richard Burton and the Victorian World.
In short, being itself a deconstructive performance, "the instability of Burtons text is the mode that makes Tristram Shandy possible" (157).
The Burtons have been raising cattle on Narrow Cape since 1967.