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Charles H., U.S. physician, 1901-1967. See: Burnett syndrome.
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The tightrope Burnett has had to walk was lifted higher last fall amid the furor over Trump's vulgar and sexist comments that surfaced on a hot-mic recording from a 2005 segment of "Access Hollywood.
More than just the creator of "The Apprentice," Burnett personally oversaw reality TV's takeover of American pop culture.
Burnett was jailed for seven years at Cardiff Crown Court after pleading guilty to aggravated burglary.
The latter's CEO Yousef Tuqan, now chief innovation officer, Leo Burnett Group MENA, stated that the launch of Holler was 'part of the evolution'.
George Antonios, marketing director at Oasis, said: "We are excited to be reestablishing our partnership with Leo Burnett, a creative agency with a strong brand-building legacy.
Burnett, 81, has fewer professional connections with Stewart than most past winners, nearly all of whom have worked with him professionally, but perhaps no past winner has a deeper emotional connection.
Burnett was celebrating his 28th birthday along with others at Mr Barrow's flat in South Shields on April 6.
My memories of watching you are so fond," said a woman in the crowd who really had no question but just wanted Burnett to know that when she had to make a choice a few months ago between seeing her or Bill Cosby at the Hult this year, she choose Burnett.
Leo Burnett s HumanKind philosophy demonstrates how creativity can transform behavior.
Burnett will be the bank's second appointment from UBS.
The reason why the Brits miss a lot of things is that they are not willing to look for the purple giraffe, because they don't want to seem foolish," says Burnett, who is actually quite proud of his English ancestry.
Burnett, 33, of Sean O'Casey Avenue, Dublin, later told gardai he couldn't remember staging the accident and was "mortified and embarrassed" when made to view CCTV footage of his actions.