Burn Rate

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A popular term for the rate at which a non-income-producing company consumes the funds invested in it by venture capitalists
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The Company's cash burn rate for the first three quarters of 2006 was approximately $650,000 per month.
Based on 15 years of the successful treatment of more than 3,000 patients, "The Burn Rate Diet" is the first to create a personalized nutritional plan to match your burn rate to the burn rate of food at the right weight for you.
Nymox's CEO, Paul Averback, said, "This financing allows Nymox to continue to advance our products in development to market while maintaining our very low burn rate, with minimal dilution to our shareholders.
However, the correct annual burn rate for fiscal 2011 was 2.
We had previously heard the burn rate for Project Pachyderm was approximately $700,000 per day, but we didn't want to sidetrack the discussion since the meeting was already hours longer than originally planned.
We started the flow of cash to the commands at the end of December for burn rate costs.
Resource Limitations: If you're keeping vigil over your burn rate (see Mantra #5 below), you won't have money to throw at every problem.
Joining the nostalgia trail of bell-bottoms and 1980s retro, you can relive the madness of the dot-com heyday with a new card game called Burn Rate.
Sometimes the most simple things are the hardest to comprehend -- like this formula that defines what is happening in the dot-com industry: BR>AR -- where BR is the burn rate and AR is the adoption rate.
While not sounding a long time using traditional businesses as a yardstick, the 20-month figure still seems like an eternity compared with the average burn rate of 13 months reported in December.
The term burn rate refers to how fast a company is ``burning'' its capital.
ISS issued a Proxy Alert on January 23, 2007, revising its original voting analysis dated January 17,2007, after considering additional public information contained in previously existing company filings to permit the proper calculation of the company's burn rate for its existing stock plans and a Form 8-K issued to clarify the independent status of the director nominees.