Burn Rate

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A popular term for the rate at which a non-income-producing company consumes the funds invested in it by venture capitalists
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For slower burn rate propellants like IMR 4227, H110, W296, and LiT Gun, the start charge in both sources is only 5 percent less than the max recommend load.
Assuming work is performed every day of the year, we calculated a burn rate over $800,000 per day ($600 million divided by 730 days equals $822,000 per day).
Our first priority is to distribute O&M GWOT burn rate funding to the field so you do not have to once again cashflow from your peacetime programs.
Today, maintaining a sustainable burn rate has become an issue of survivability.
Invented by a former dot-com engineer, players of Burn Rate struggle to keep a dot-com start-up afloat as bad business pours in and the money runs out.
Given the VCs' reluctance to provide additional financing to a dot-com, the credit professional must analyze the excess cash burn rate more closely than ever.
B2C firms typically have a burn rate of 15 months, while their B2B rivals survive an average 23 months.
Substituting the faster burn rate IMR propellant for the slower H4895 variety can definitely be hazardous.
The FET Researcher uncovered the following resources for information on burn rate.
Ten of the companies had a burn rate of less than 12 months.