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Denis P., British physician in Uganda, 1911-1993. See: Burkitt lymphoma.
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Burkitt pointed out a certain paradox in the treatment of gallstones.
Denis Burkitt that dietary fiber (or the lack thereof) has a profound effect on the incidence of many diseases common to the Western world not found in more primitive societies.
This report provides elemental information and data relating to the clinical trials on Burkitt Lymphoma.
Prosecutor Mr Michael Duck said George Burkitt, his wife Iris Burkitt and their son Philip had "the tragic misfortune" to live next door to Williams in Andrew Road, West Bromwich.
Jazz has taken a break from her animal care course in Cheshire due to her own Humour: Burkitt, health problems.
Aled BurKitt (62), Cian Morsey (29) and Matt Woodward (24) got runs for Ponthir.
Janet Burkitt of Grassmoor wrote: "Banks were bailed out and then sold back at a loss, so why can't we nationalise steel?
The new apprentices include Thomas Burkitt from Sedgley, Shaun Turner from Sedgley, Jamie Roberts from Willenhall Jack Nicholson and Declan Print.
Stepping into the shoes of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers in the lead roles of Jerry Travers and Dale Tremont, are Alan Burkitt and Charlotte Gooch, who both return to Top Hat having previously performed these roles in the West End.
Burkitt has charisma in abundance in the role, bags of charm and perfect comedic timing, not to mention his fancy footwork.
Alan Burkitt and Charlotte Gooch in musical comedy Top Hat, running at the Birmingham Hippodrome |
Alan Burkitt and Charlotte Gooch could seriously give Fred and Ginger a run for their money as the stars of the show.