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Burke, Mary Lermann

a nursing theorist who, with Georgene Gaskill Eakes and Margaret A. Hainsworth, developed the Theory of Chronic Sorrow to describe the ongoing feelings of loss that arise from illness, debilitation, or death.
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ABOUT DAVID BURKE GROUP Founded in 2003 by Chef David Burke, the David Burke Group is a powerhouse restaurant group that blends whimsy and innovation to create a one-of-a-kind dining experience.
The Intellectual Life of Edmund Burke turns our attention away from Burke's critique of the French Revolution--fertile ground for his conservative interpreters--and towards the less-studied years of his early career.
The essence of good government, for Burke, was not the need to protect the individual, but to defend a society anchored in customary practice, and to work incremental change, although he was a champion of two revolutions: America's in 1776 and Britain's own Glorious Revolution of 1688.
The Burke Lift system will simplify precast/prestress lifting, and just may be the most innovative lifting product in more than 30 years," contends Meadow Burke President Jan Olsen.
District judge Alan Donovan said: "We are satisfied on leaving the lobby Mr Burke did use racial abuse.
Newstok reproduces Burke's comments on a Washington University graduate student's paper on Troilus and Cressida (a good example of how far this ingenious editor has dug): Burke tells the student, "You are tending to write glosses from the standpoint of sheer portraiture, thereby losing somewhat the stress upon dramaturgic function.
In the second half of the book we follow Burke out of office and into the diplomatic service in Ireland, an adventure that will end abruptly when the intrigues of WA Inc finally catch up with him.
In a similar way, Lock's analysis of Burke's positions on issues such as crime and punishment and slavery is significant primarily in the way it is incorporated into the full body of Burke's extraordinarily active and diverse political life, giving renewed weight to Hazlitt's famous comment that "the only specimen of Burke is, all that he wrote.
However, this volume provides a decidedly friendly venue for overcoming that resistance, as Burke could not be presented in more accessible form.
In the past, viewing [videos] was limited to the number of videotapes the district owned," says Burke.
Burke and Smart left the show after the end of the fifth season, with Carter and Potts staying on for two more less-memorable years joined by Jan Hooks both years as well as Julia Duffy and Judith Ivey for one season apiece.
Meanwhile, as Burke travelled to regattas overseas, he saw gear that was not available in Australia, things like comfortable dinghy trapeze harnesses.