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Bunya, which is also responsible for Reem Island's infrastructure, has completed the first phase of the plan.
Bunya Hill is located in Sutton Forest, south west of Sydney.
Initially under the name of Reem Properties, and then Bayt Al Khidma Properties, Bunya was established to act as the municipality of Al Reem Island and to provide all the infrastructure of regional roads and bridges as well as coordinate with the local authorities for the supply of water, electricity, natural gas and telecommunications and leading companies to provide district cooling, sewage water treatment and solid waste management.
Although Gilbert was aware of stories of Bora grounds on or near the property his grandfather owned, he had always assumed that these were earthen rings, as are all the other Bora grounds in the Bunya Mountains catchment (Gilbert 1992) and in this part of Australia generally (Bowdler 1999; Satterthwait and Heather 1987).
The raising of the community's population cap, he says, was a priority for Bunya.
Scarce in captivity, Bunya is the only blue wing to be born in the UK this year.
He said the Hindu Bunya wanted to keep the Kashmiris their slaves by force and the Pakistani government had left them alone.
Four 500MVA and sixteen 80 MVA transformers have been delivered to Reem Island by Abu Dhabi Transmission and Dispatch Company (Transco) in co-ordination with Bunya, for supply of electricity to the island.
After Sunday Rose's birth, Kidman's daughter with country music singer husband Keith Urban, the pair splashed out millions for Bunya Hill, a 45-hectare rural estate at Sutton Forest in the Southern Highlands.
Tariq Sultan, CEO of Bunya, the management authority that oversees the main infrastructure and utilities on Reem Island said : "Phase I utility infrastructure networks are nearing completion.
Roswitha's performance at the Bunya School in Rundu impressed the inspectors so much that they enlisted her in the founding of the new Mbambi kindergarten, where she worked for two years.
We also noticed good specimens of Bunya Bunya, Cypresses, and Paulonia imperialis, the leaves of which measured some twenty inches across; taking into consideration the many specimens we saw of this plant, we confidently recommend it for general planting.