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a medium-sized (40-55 lb), thickset dog with very characteristic build and appearance. The head, with a very short face, neck and forequarters, are massive in proportion to the rest of the body and the legs are relatively short. The tail is naturally short. The breed is predisposed to cleft lip and palate, hemivertebra, hydrocephalus, congenital heart defects, spina bifida and upper respiratory structural abnormalities. Called also British bulldog. See also french bulldog.

American Bulldog
a larger dog with longer legs and longer nose than the (British) bulldog. It is said to resemble more closely the earlier version of that breed, as it was when brought to the Americas in colonial times.


see nose lead.
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Footage, filmed secretly by Mr Ibinson, showed Adamson with three of his pit bull dogs kept at his home in reinforced pens.
TUJUNGA - An 8-year-old girl was hospitalized on Sunday after she was attacked by a pit bull dog at the home of a family friend, a Los Angeles Fire Department spokesman said.
They left with the victim's 1995 Mercury Tracer, a pit bull dog, jewelry and two telephones.
FOR the sake of both animals and the community as a whole, the youths accused of inciting a pit bull dog to attack and kill a sheep should be punished and receive counselling if convicted of this sadistic crime (' Yobs film dog killing sheep', ECHO Nov 21).
TWO brothers threatened to set their pit bull dog on gardai who wanted to carry out a drug search on one of them.
The Quartz Hill robbers left with the victim's 1995 Mercury tracer, a pit bull dog, jewelry and two telephones, deputies said.
Finn went to pick up the cat in the neighbor's yard, when a chained pit bull dog ran at the deputy and bit him on the leg, Dolan said.
The thugs, who had a pit bull dog with them, hit the man over the head with a weapon before threatening him with a knife.
Of 10 Mm Bull Dog Ms Clamp Ms Bull Dog Clamp Must Have Over All Length Of 60 Mm Long With 30 Mm Thread Portion With 08 Nuts, With 04 Lock Washers And Flat Washers.
A banned breed pit bull dog like the one that attacked the girl |
A pet bit bull dog attacked an infant girl in the Vancouver Island community of Saanich.
Eleven-month-old Ava-Jayne Corless was savaged by a pit bull dog, known as Killer, as she slept on Monday.