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Out back, the patio is centered by a round brick planter that features pretty tulips, pansies, and daffodils in springtime, along with spiky orange bulbine.
Systematics of Xanthorrhoeaceae sensu lato, with an emphasis on Bulbine.
Brachychiton populneus * * * * Bulbine bulbosa * * * * Burchardia umbellata * Caesia spp.
In the manner of Mexican lobelia, African bulbine spreads by rhizomes in semi-dry garden spots.
lateritia (1993-2306), Anigozanthos flavida (HK 1983-4125), Aristea platycaulis (HK 1969-18097), Arthropodium cirrhatum (HK 1985-706), Bulbine semibarbata (HK 1969-19545), Calathea micans (HK 218-82-02023), Cordyline stricta (HK 1969-16416), Costus lucanusianus (HK 1963-4701 LKST), Cyrtanthus brachyscyphus (HK 19932925), Dianella ensifolia (HK 1964-34302), D.
Less often seen, but deserving of wider planting, are the Bulbinellas and Bulbines, whose butter-yellow flower spikes would be an excellent complement to lily of the Nile and society garlic.