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In dentistry, the procedure of locating and delineating the contour and position of the abutment teeth and associated structures before designing a removable partial denture.


In dentistry, procedure of locating and delineating contour and position of abutment teeth and associated structures before designing a removable partial denture.


n the procedure of studying the relative parallelism or lack of parallelism of the teeth and associated structures to select a path of placement for a restoration that will encounter the least tooth or tissue interference and provide adequate and balanced retention; locating guiding plane surfaces to direct placement and removal of the restoration and to achieve the best appearance possible.
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TPG are now looking to build on recent successes and grow the business around their core services including a property maintenance helpdesk, facilities management and a full range of building surveying services.
He said: "I am looking forward to working with the forward thinking team at Silverstone and gaining a wide range of Building Surveying experience to help me towards becoming Chartered.
He was educated at Wilsten College and obtained a degree in building surveying at De Montford University.
GiveMePower Corporation (OTCBB:GMPW) today announced that Clark Nexsen, an award-winning architecture, engineering, planning and interior design firm, has standardized on GiveMePower's new PowerCAD(R) SiteMaster(TM) 2 laser-based mobile and wireless building surveying solution, after using the system to reduce 'as-built' floor plan creation time by 50%, increase accuracy to 100% and to improve overall job productivity by 250% on the US Navy's 2.
Ian Pitt, head of Bruton Knowles in Birmingham, said: "Jim brings with him a wealth of experience in building surveying and his knowledge and expertise will be a valuable addition.
Clark, who previously worked for Robertson Simpson Ltd in a similar role, gained his degree in building surveying from Northumbria University last year.
He is qualified in all aspects of building consultancy work and provides advice to Alder King's clients regarding building surveying, maintenance, design and statutory requirements.
With a background in building surveying, building control, planning and asset management, she has spent the past six years delivering two regeneration schemes.
Taking up the position of senior building surveyor, David will be responsible for heading up the building surveying team in the North-east of England.
CALGARY, Alberta -- More than 100 companies, government enterprises and educational institutions contributing to public release of "revolutionary" laser-based building surveying and facilities management solution
Total quantity or scope: Provision of a framework agreement to supply consultancy services for Architectural design for the built environment including public realm, Architectural design for heritage projects, Architectural design for the permanent galleries and public spaces, and building surveying and other advisory services in connection with projects commissioned by the British Museum.
Graham worked in property maintenance and barn conversions before studying building surveying and the environment at Plymouth University while Guy joins from the dilapidations team at Malcolm Holls LLP.

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