Pierre C., French gynecologist, 1846-1907. See: Budin obstetric joint.
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If Lucban has longganisa, Tayabas is famous for Budin and yema cake.
Capping the meal was a plate of Budin (caramel flan), while vegetarians had Mango Sago.
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Chavalas is one of three contributors in the book who address sacred prostitution (the others are Crawford and Nemet-Nejat); yet the works of Hooks (1985), Oden (1987), Gonzalas (1999), and Budin (2008) appear in none of their bibliographies.
the Eugene Public Library downtown will host a free illustrated talk titled "The Nude Goddess and Her Sisters" by historian Stephanie Lynn Budin, whose focus is ancient Greece and the Near East.
According to Wright & Budin [13], a terminology database also known as a term base is a database consisting of concept-oriented terminological entries and related information usually in multilingual format.
The teaching staff include several brilliant blind pedagogues, for instance, Jan Budin and Milan Arner.
Its thickness ranges from 6m (Chak Dalla) to 400m (Sheikh Budin area) and it varies greatly in color, i.
The continuous smooth surface of intima with few defects and squamous pattern of endothelial cells in tocotrienol treated experimental groups was also observed by Budin et al.
This is also a kind of globalisation, after all (Galinski, Cluver, Budin 1999 : 2212; Pusztay 2008).