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budgerigar, budgie

budgerigar fledgling disease
a polyomavirus infection of young psittacines that causes failure of feather growth, hepatic and renal necrosis, and sometimes death.
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22) In the above-mentioned preliminary study in budgerigars, no corneal damage was observed at an irradiation dose of 24 mJ/[cm.
Therefore, the budgerigars added to the collection soon before the opening of the aviary may have introduced reovirus and Chlarnydophila into this collection.
In one study, (5) semen collection was attempted in vasectomized, male budgerigars at monthly intervals, followed by examination with standard light microscopy techniques of any fluid obtained during the process.
Roy Cooke, secretary of the Northern Budgerigar Society, said the disease was similar to influenza.
In the case of budgerigars, antibody titers are sustained for periods of up to 5 years and are presumed to be lifelong, and viral shedding from the cloaca ceases at the onset of sexual maturity.
The budgerigars and parrotlets demonstrated no clinical signs throughout the course of the outbreak, which lasted several months.
In budgerigars, the virus can also be shed in feather and skin dander, and may be present in oral secretions.
Budgerigars are commonly used to investigate the pathogenicity of infection with Sarcocystis species because of their susceptibility to the disease.
budgerigar (Melopsittacus undulatus), (15) teratoma in a great blue heron (Ardea herodias), (16) and a single case report of cystadenoma in an African grey parrot, (9) in which the exact origin of the neoplasia could not be determined.
In 1991, an aviary housing budgerigars, cockatiels, and lovebirds was reported to experience 80% mortality after the birds were fed a type of vetch.
And deranged old Tory battleaxe Ann Widdecombe shouting at a bunch of budgerigars.