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Gustav, U.S. radiologist, 1880-1963. See: Bucky diaphragm.


Imaging A cassette film in a Potter-Bucky diaphragm
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Meanwhile, the return of Bucky Barnes has been confirmed by Marvel in late August, as revealed by (http://www.
Fans can expect Bucky Barnes to return along with some of the characters from Marvel Universe with whom Steve Rogers/Captain America "has a strong connection.
The directors also confirmed that the movie will explore Steve Roger's relationship with friend Bucky Barnes, who was identified as the Winter Soldier by Captain America.
Other important actors, including Anthony Mackie, playing The Falcon, Frank Grillo, playing Crossbones and Sebastian Stan, playing Bucky Barnes, were also on hand.
Captain America: The Winter Soldier" is slated to revolve largely around Sebastian Stan's character from the first film, Bucky Barnes, aka the Winter Soldier.
The two used to be "friends," but it's clear in the trailer that the Cap is more concerned with his loyalty to Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan).
Referring to the storyline in the comic book, the actor revealed that even though Captain America gives his shield to Bucky Barnes, the character returns it to the original shield wielder, and then Captain America passes it on to Falcon.
Captain America costume characters include Natasha Romanoff, Bucky Barnes and Steve Rogers.
Both will be needed to battle the formidable Winter Soldier, or Bucky Barnes as he was known in World War Two when he was Steve Rogers' best pal.
He is Bucky Barnes, Rogers' excolleague from the war played by Sebastian Stan.
Bucky Barnes, aka, Winter Soldier (played by Sebastian Stan) above
Marvel is remaining mum on the plot but the title suggests that Captain America's buddy Bucky Barnes is found frozen by the Russian Army.