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Hermann Edmund, 20th-century German physician. See: Buchwald atrophy.
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In addition, senior counsel Dan Kolb and associates Edith Beerdsen, Lara Samet Buchwald, Mari Byrne, Craig Cagney, Matthew Cormack, Joshua Dugan and Brian Richichi received individual awards for their work on right to counsel and case cap issues, criminal defense cases and wrongful conviction cases.
Ben Tapper, senior director and principal of Eastern Consolidated, Noah Buchwald, associate director, and Ross Weiner, associate director, are serving as the exclusive brokers.
American Stephen Buchwald was the inaugural speaker at a series of lectures to honour long-serving Huddersfield professor Mike Page.
She was married to Bernard "Mickey" Buchwald who preceded her in death.
The judge, district judge Naomi Reice Buchwald, said during a Manhattan court hearing that she needed more information about the proposed deal before approving it.
He wrote that his phone rang at 10 o'clock one morning and it was attorney "Beagle" from the Justice Department asking Buchwald if he wanted to go play tennis.
Buchwald said, adding that a combination of approaches is needed, including prevention, medical, and other approaches.
Buchwald said, adding that a combination of approaches, including prevention, medical, and other approaches.
Art Buchwald, the newspaper columnist who lived in Paris in his student days, said, "I always thought of Garry as Jesus Christ without a tourist visa.
Buchwald and Feingold (history, CalTech) offer a comprehensive investigation into Isaac Newton's far-flung interests in synthesizing a universal history with science, math, ancient astronomy, theology and mythology.
But in an unprecedented 161-page ruling that proved to be a major setback to the plaintiffs, US District Judge Naomi Reice Buchwald dismissed claims that the banks broke antitrust rules, while allowing some of the commodity-rigging claims to go on to trial.