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, BSc
Abbreviation for Bachelor of Science (Baccalaureus Scientiae).


Abbreviation for:
Business Service Centre (NHS Wales)


Abbrev. for Bachelor of Science.

Bsc (MedSci)

Abbrev. for Bachelor of Science (Medical Sciences).


Bachelor of Science.
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The BSC Group is extremely active in the self-storage sector, having closed more than $225MM in self storage financing to date in calendar year 2018.
Je tedy dulezite konstatovat, ze ruzne moznosti implementace a vyuzivani BSC mohou vest k ruznym dopadum na vykonnost podniku a samotna implementace neznamena automaticke zvyseni vykonnosti.
1) It investigates the influence of the common-measures bias on performance evaluations using the BSC.
Customers of BSC include Marks and Spencer and Aldi.
The data gathered and incorporated in a BSC, whether
In addition to the two BSC students, a student from the University of Alabama, Birmingham also was charged with the crimes.
BSC Services was seeking to significantly upgrade its headquarters space to provide a more comfortable environment for its expanding work force and obtain essential flexibility for its growing operation," said Soffian, the Studley broker who represents BSC Services.
Chem with Medicinal Chem with Industrial Training BSc F122
The mission of IT BSC is to develop strategic goals and indicators for the establishment of adequate organization of IT processes which would connect business and IT strategies.
The solution may be found in a complementary, yet less known, management tool called Control Self-Assessment (CSA) that provides just the forum for communication, education, and feedback apparently lacking in most BSC implementations.
Gillian Walters, BSc (Anglia Polytechnic University)