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Thomas, English surgeon, 1828-1914. See: Bryant traction.
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But the story of Bryant Park's success now reaches beyond its six acres.
But rather than build a weighty case that supports this reality, Bryant leaves the reader to wonder exactly why he believes this to be true.
Using the slave narrative as a beginning model, Bryant locates few truly heroic figures, in the sense of physical defiance.
Bryant recognizes that a sociological study of ethics needs to be historically contextualized, that is that it must be rooted in an account of the society and societal changes that produced the ethics under consideration.
In this brief moment, the racial and gendered nature of the Kobe Bryant case penetrated the surface.
Having owned, managed and redeveloped in the Philadelphia area since 1994, Bryant has a keen appreciation for the high desirability of the area for retailers, Hascoe said.