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brujos (brōōˑ·hōs),

n in Curanderismo, the Mexican healing system, individuals who practice black magic that causes illness in others.
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Especially memorable is the one longer, uninterrupted sequence, in which a corps de ballet performs the "Ritual Fire Dance" from El amor brujo.
Lawrence Goldman, the inventor of the technology and president of Brujo Corporation located in Austin, Texas.
It is clear that Ullate, whose previous works for his company have had varying degrees of success, has sought to make his mark on El Amor Brujo.
To the outside world it seems to have changed beyond all recognition in the last five years -a cursory listen to the recent BBC World Music Award winners Ojos De Brujo will show that -and really become part of a wider musical consciousness.
99, including post and packing, call our Music Line on 01634 832 789World CD of the week Ojos De Brujo -Bari (La Fabrica De Colores/Proper Music LFCCD-001) This Barcelona-based group sums up all that is most vibrant in modern world music, combining strong flamenco traditions with a wide-ranging spread of contemporary influences from hip-hop and funk to dub and reggae.
Highlights include Mexico's Los De Abajo performing an (unusual for them) acoustic number, the cutting edge of flamenco from Barcelona's Ojos De Brujo and a nifty bit of turntable magic from Brazil's DJ Marky.
Three fascinating scores by the fastidious and evocative Manuel de Falla are presented here: the haunting El Amor Brujo, three dances from the stays-loosening Three-Cornered Hat, and the wonderful, broodingly nostalgic Nights in the Gardens of Spain.
Naturally Lo'Jo feature on Nu Europe, a double disc which takes a tour around the new sounds of the old world, as do Ojos de Brujo from Spain, Mariza from Portugal, Belgium's Think Of One, Sicily's Banda Ionica and London's Oi Va Voi.
El Amor Brujo ("Love, the Magician') with music by Manuel de Falla, was created in 1915.
OJOS DE BRUJO [BBC Radio 3 and Grammy award-winning band from Barcelona plays gig in Sofia's National Palace of Culture (NDK).
Barcelona's hot property, Ojos de Brujo (Eyes of a wizard), have released Aocana (Warner Brothers), which has had all manner of pundits drooling.
Blood Wedding, 71 minutes; Carmen, 101 minutes; El Amor Brujo, 103 minutes.