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IN a brown hat, brown coat and with her flowing brown locks, it's difficult to see where the clothing ends and Kim begins.
He was also wearing a green or brown coat that was lined with white fur, brown coloured trousers, a black woolly hat and navy and white trainers.
She was last seen wearing a long brown coat, jeans and boots.
Male and females have an olive brown coat with a pale underside.
The new Doctor's look, which David has labelled 'Geek Chic', includes a brown coat with a blue pinstripe suit and white plimsolls.
Asked how she felt to be taking her daughter home, Sophie, dressed in a chocolate brown coat and pink scarf, said: 'It's the best day ever.
What takes the biscuit is that the same presenter will happily chat away to Paul Nicholls while the trainer is wearing a great big cap which is racing's most remarkable garment since David Nicholson's brown coat with the vertical strips of cotton wool glued to it.
In the spring, when the snow melts, the snowshoe hare grows another brown coat.
The reason we had on red coats is because our first year here I had a brown horse and I wore a brown coat and some deer hunter shot at us while he was in a deer stand on our fenced property
Santa was welcomed by charismatic postmaster and storekeeper Tom Shillington (right), wearing his trademark brown coat.
htm) spotted carrying a wooden sledge, while wrapped in a brown coat and wearing oversized sunglasses.