Brown Stain

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A popular term for any immunoperoxidase—special stain used to detect antigens (e.g., leukocyte common antigen, cytokeratin, S-100, etc.)—in tissues by linking monoclonal antibodies raised against the antigen of interest to an enzyme in the last of several antigen-antibody linking steps; if antigen X is present, the enzyme digests a colourless substrate into a brown pigmented product
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It was repaired but I have been left with a nasty brown stain on my vinyl flooring.
As it fell with a dull thud to the ground, he exited, leaving the corpse on the floor and a nasty brown stain on the wall.
The effect of two fumigants and a fungicide on the development of kiln brown stain in radiata pine.
For example, when reading a test to measure the overexpression of the HER2 protein in breast cancer patients, the pathologist is challenged to quantify the level of brown stain present in a tissue sample from the patient.
The American Dental Association describes moderate dental fluorosis as "All tooth surfaces affected; marked wear on biting surfaces; brown stain may be present.
Low Tide, a mid-tone brown stain with subtle distressing available on every piece, replicates antiques with water spots and burnishing.
For two days, I was left with a disgusting brown stain round the bath until Ippolito sent over his handyman.
The salts will still absorb moisture but this time from within the room showing up as a patch of dampness usually with a brown stain to make it even less attractive.
What's the mileage reimbursement for a big, brown stain and sour-milk odor?
Brown stain makes the appearance of ponderosa pine shop lumber look dark, streaky, and splotchy, which often results in lumber downgrading.
White-haired breeds will show a brown stain on legs and paws where they have been licking.
When the water would come over bow it would leave a brown stain.