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It's already been suggested that some green belt land could be reclassified to meet demand, but protesters insisted that building on brown field land was the answer.
RPG13 seeks to reduce the number of disused council properties and to ensure that at least 90% of new homes are built on brown field land.
The rate of development demanded by Gordon Brown is so high that we would run out of brown field land to develop in Kirklees by 2018.
In contrast to this, statistics actually report that there is sufficient brown field land in most locations to cater for increased demand.
St Modwen Properties is one of the country's leading regeneration specialists and has an extensive track record in delivering high-quality develop-ments on brown field land.
There are some strong arguments in favour, such as the fact that the site is almost entirely brown field land which could be put to use without losing green field space.
The figures also say that 314 acres of brown field land has been reclaimed for businesses.
By lowering the target to, say, 380,000, it would be far more likely that a substantial number of the newdwellings will be built on brown field land.
A lot of brown field land has been released over the last couple of years along that corridor and we have seen a huge growth in developments being built by companies like Persimmon, Redrow Homes,Fairclough,Wimpy and Countryside.
Mr Dodds pointed out that the 600-acre Middle Quinton site, a former Ministry of Defence depot, is brown field land where a total of 700 jobs in a range of industrial uses already exist.
Over five years, the Newlands One scheme will reclaim and regenerate 435 hectares of brown field land across 24 sites in Merseyside, Greater Manchester and north Cheshire.
Why develop Green Belt when we have prime Brown Field land available for redevelopment?