J.W., 20th-century U.S. surgeon. See: Broviac catheter.
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Contract notice: The supply of specialized medical equipment (including trocars blade, corset stabilizing, pressure tubing, a device for trimming valves, bone cement, implants used for bone art vault and base of the skull, broviac types of catheters, ports, vascular, accessories for the car kit tools like mikromed, plates and screws neck and compression, vascular grafts, stapler, reamers, screw-type herbert, saw blades, magnetic mats, milk churn yankauer type, needle gastric bands, mesh for hernia, vacuum mixer, with-you to an external lumbar drain, drainage intraventricular, anchors for shoulder, valvular sets, plates and screws to reconstruct the jaw, hip replacement, and others).
Donna, of Cramlington, Northumberland, said: "The second time they thought she wouldn't make it was when they had to fit a Broviac line in her chest to feed her.
Hickman, Leonard, Broviac, and Groshong Catheters 65
Quantitative blood cultures in the evaluation of septicemia in children with Broviac catheters.
The medium-intensiveness group included infants receiving enteral feedings by indwelling gavage tubes either continuously or by bolus feedings; intravenous hyperalimentation by indwelling percutaneous intravenous central catheter (PICC) line, broviac, or umbilical vessel catheter (UVC); and/or nasal continuous positive airway pressure by nasal prongs.
At this time, a directly placed atrial Broviac line was inserted for long term parenteral nutrition.
Broviac catheter-related bacteraemias due to unusual pathogens in children with cancer: Case reports with literature review.
continued to improve, and within 10 days she underwent placement of a ventriculo-peritoneal shunt for hydrocephalus and placement of a Broviac catheter for long-term antibiotic therapy.
The first devices described by Broviac and then by Hickman were tunneled under the skin and also contained a subcutaneous cuff (3, 4).
Therapy was subsequently changed to intravenous (IV) methylene blue through a Broviac catheter at home.
At fifteen months, life stabilized somewhat: Molly was fed intravenously through her broviac catheter, blind, in supportive seating, developmentally disabled and showing an impressive array of seizure activity.